Justice and Accountability: Marching for Gaza

Hundreds of Montrealers held a vigil for the victims of the most recent Israeli attacks on Gaza and Nablus

Protesters march down Ste. Catherine St. W. as they chant. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
A large Palestinian flows down the street as protesters hold onto it. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
Organizers speak to the crowd before the march begins. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
Several protesters beat drums as they chant and march. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
The crowd stops for more speeches. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
A speaker draped a keffiyeh speaks to the crowd. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud
An organizer holds the microphone up to the protesters, amplifying their chants. Photo Ibrahim Mahmoud

The crowd gathered in Dorchester Square to commemorate the victims of the recent attack and to demand justice and accountability from the Canadian government on Aug. 10.

Beginning on Aug. 5, a series of attacks from the Israeli military targeted many Palestinian resistance fighters and civilians. The overall violence left 49 dead and more injured, many of whom were children as young as four years old.

“We’re here to show a stand for Gaza, to show that we fully back their resistance, the Palestinian people their struggle for national liberation, freedom and the right of self-determination amidst zionist occupation from the American and Canadian governments,” said Reem, a Palestinian Youth Movement organizer.

The vigil was organized by members of the Palestinian Youth Movement, the McGill and Concordia chapters of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights and the Palestinian and Jewish Unity. Before leading the protesters down Ste. Catherine St. W., speakers addressed the crowd, commemorating the casualties of the most recent Israeli military attack. 

“This is also a time of mourning and grief. Our siblings in Nablus and Gaza have just buried their martyrs, and Palestinians all over the occupied territory are grieving the loss of their courageous resistance fighters and children,” said a PYM organizer, who wished to remain anonymous.

Once the speeches concluded, a speaker addressed the crowd, naming every single casualty of the recent attacks. The crowd chanted “Shaheed” after each name had been called. “Shaheed” translates to witness in Arabic.

The crowd then marched peacefully down the street as protesters chanted for the freedom and liberation of Palestine and its people.

“Remember that you are Arab, remember that you are Palestinian, and that your people will not kneel in the face of any enemy,” said another speaker, “they will aspire for liberation until the last breath.”