Remembering former CSU president Benjamin Prunty

‘His concern, his dedication to student life and to the community was immeasurable.’

Benjamin Prunty, a pillar in the Concordia community, has passed away. File Photo Michael Wrobel

Former Concordia Student Union president Benjamin Prunty passed away on Nov. 1.

Prunty was immersed in the community at Concordia. He joined CSU council in 2012, was CSU VP Sustainability, and became CSU President in 2014 with the Community Matters slate. 

After his mandate as president ended, he sat on the Hive Café board, which he co-founded. He also co-founded the Concordia Food Coalition.

He was passionate about students taking ownership of food sales on campus. Food sovereignty was integral to his campaign to become CSU president.

Prunty was involved in the creation of the CSU’s daycare, Reggie’s, the Woodnote housing co-operative, and the fossil fuel divestment campaign.

“Ben was a visionary, an empowering community organizer, and a caring friend,” reads the introduction to the document created for Prunty’s loved ones to share their memories of him. “He stood for equality and raising each other into greatness. He initiated and was part of countless community projects and social justice causes where he openly gave his time and energy. He was passionate, intelligent, and truly bettered the world around him.” 

During Wednesday's CSU special council meeting, councillors held a moment of silence for Prunty’s memory. Many were familiar with what he did for the community and how much he cared about the preservation of the union.

“His concern, his dedication to student life and to the community was immeasurable,” said Robert Henri, CSU general manager. 

General Coordinator Isaiah Joyner implored his colleagues not to hesitate to reach out to him or other members of the CSU when they need a helping hand.

“Benjamin, unfortunately, had a situation where he could not cope with that anymore, and we feel so sorry for Ben. We all feel guilty that we could not come to his rescue. But, at the same time, he would want us to continue to move forward and improve the quality of life for students on campus,” said Henri. “So let’s remember Ben for not only what he did at the CSU, but who he was as a person.”