Queer Concordia Introduces New Scholarship

Empowerment Fund Will Provide Financial Aid to Queer Concordia Students

Photo Emanuele Barbier

Queer Concordia announced on Jan. 28 an all new scholarship and empowerment fund.

The purpose of these initiatives is to “give money to students for needs that are very specific to the LGBTQ+ community,” says Akira De Carlos, the health and resources coordinator of Queer Concordia.

Queer Concordia initially wanted to start this program last semester, but there were delays due to difficulties accessing their funds from the school resulting in them only having access to their funds in December.

They will be giving out two scholarships per year, each valuing $500. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must be in an undergraduate program, be enrolled in at least nine credits, must submit their 2018 taxes, and they must not have opted out of the Queer Concordia fee levy. The online application deadline is Feb. 21.

As for the empowerment fund, applications will be an ongoing process throughout the semester. It is estimated that about $3000 will be given to help the financial needs of Concordia’s queer community this semester.

Applicants will be able to request up to $200 for expenses that range from paying for groceries to helping pay for gender reassignment surgery.

The criteria for eligibility are the same as the scholarship, except for the 2018 taxes. Application are open to all, but De Carlos says they will choose the recipients based on urgency, and they will also prioritize queer, trans, intersex and People of Colour. Furthermore, De Carlos says they support “Indigenous solidarity and reparations so if there’s an application from an Indigenous person […] they will 100 per cent go first before anyone else because we are on their land.”

Minimal spending in the past has left Queer Concordia with a surplus of funds, which helped with the funding of the scholarship and fund.

Once De Carlos has selected who she thinks is most qualified for the fund money, her choice will be presented to the Queer Concordia board.