Online, hybrid and in-person classes: the newest challenge for Concordians

How students are feeling about their first weeks back on campus

The transition from Zoom courses to in-person classes has left students with an array of feelings. New and returning students alike feel nervous about transitioning back to managing a balanced schedule for public transportation and interacting with other students in person. Students were asked about how their first weeks on campus have gone so far.

Journalism student Valérie Bayeur is a second-year, first year on campus. She has 3 in-person classes and 2 online classes. 

Do you feel safe with the health restrictions in play?

While second year student Valérie Bayeur said the health restrictions on campus doesn’t make her feel safer, she never really felt in danger during the covid-19 pandemic.

“However, I do believe that the university is doing a good job of providing free masks and hand sanitizer,” she said. 

How is being on campus different then from before the pandemic? 

“Before the pandemic, the computer was our campus and it felt like there wasn’t any school at all, which I didn’t mind,” said Bayeur.

“Being on campus feels like we’re actually going to school and things seem more serious. I haven’t really dealt with anxiety about returning to campus, but it’s definitely a change in my lifestyle which doesn’t really bother me.”

How has the transition from online to in-person learning been like so far? 

“The transition has been fine for me,” said Bayeur. “We still use Moodle which has been very helpful for assignments and notes. I do prefer being online because I could just wake up, go to class and go back to bed, but now I can’t do that. In person-learning has given me more motivation to get out of bed.”