Coffee or Commute? Why Not Both?

The average Canadian spends around 275 hours a year commuting, but if you’re a Concordia student that’s just your weekly commute.

Yes, I understand that’s more hours than are actually in a week, but if beliefs are subject to facts then tell that to Kanye’s ego post-Yeezus.

For those of you who take the shuttle bus between campuses everyday, you probably share my resentment. It’s not even that I usually have to sit beside some smelly jock that thinks no one can hear the Avicii blaring from his headphones. It goes beyond such sad displays of humanity. The food/drink ban needs to disappear, for starters.

We’re adults, we can handle riding and eating without spilling. As students, we’re constantly rushing and don’t have time to sit down for a nice meal, so sometimes sitting on the crammed shuttle bus and eating a slice of pizza is as close to swanky living as we get.

There are those rare or—let’s be honest—frequent occasions when you’re desperate for the coffee you grabbed on the go to try and restore your otherwise hangover-addled brain, and the shuttle bus dares to take that away from you. Not to mention that sometimes there are two buses waiting at the stop at a time. Why? I need to get to class and unless one of these shuttles is going to sprout wings I don’t get how two parked buses will help me out. And don’t take 20 different routes each day. I may have only lived in this city for a month but I know the difference between a highway and a one-way side street.

Also why are there no set times between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.? Is this some sort of free-for-all situation? Seriously, Concordia: improve our shuttle bus. If not for us, do it for our poor profs who are starting to think none of us give a damn about their classes.