Don’t Hate on New Year’s Resolutions

Graphic Jenn Aedy

We are well into the new year, folks.

With start of a new semester, there may be many moments when you accidentally write the year as “2015” at the top of your notes in class.

You may get that odd in-between sensation where you feel groggy because you just got off of a long holiday break, but also refreshed because it’s a new year with new goals to strive for. Speaking of goals, I’ve got a question for you: got any New Year’s resolutions?

Many of us have made a list of goals we’d like to achieve in 2016—something I think is really admirable to do, no matter how small you think the goal may be. It could be anything, from getting at least one “A” as a final grade this semester, to cutting back on smoking. Every resolution is different, but each holds individual significance, which is why I really don’t appreciate it when I hear people talk about how silly and pointless resolutions are.

It’s a common sentiment: “oh, but you’ll just end up dropping the goal by February anyways, so what’s the point?”

Please don’t say something like this to someone who genuinely wants to work hard to achieve what they’ve set out to do in the new year. Not everyone is strong-willed—some are susceptible to becoming discouraged, and it’s important to be supportive and help them achieve their resolutions rather than tell them it’s all futile.

Alright, so maybe you think resolutions aren’t all that for whatever reason, and it’s totally cool to have that opinion—to each their own.

However, if you’ve ever been discouraged over something you were passionate about, as I’m sure most of us have, then you’ll know that it’s a really shitty feeling. So why would you do it to someone else?

If you’ve made resolutions and find yourself surrounded by the haters, just remember the bottom line: setting a goal for yourself is a good thing and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. You made these resolutions for you, so don’t let someone’s negative words throw you off course. After all, it’s not them you’re trying to achieve these goals for, right?

So let’s continue this year on a good note, and kick 2016’s ass.