Looking for the Shuttle? There’s an App for That

Student Designs Mobile App for Shuttle Commute

Waiting for the shuttle bus? A student Android-only app will tell you the arrivals and departures. Photo Pierre Chauvin

Traveling between campuses can be a pain.

Thankfully, a recent student-designed app listing the shuttle bus times has made the commute a little easier—that is, if you manage to find the app online.

Creator of the newly-named Shuttle App Project, biology major Marc Posth, had to remove all references to Concordia in the app’s title or description at the request of the university administration.

The university required the omissions out of concern that users mistake Posth’s app for one that is officially sponsored and run by Concordia, explained university spokesperson Chris Mota. In the past, another developer had to take down their shuttle bus app for the same reason.

“I can’t use the Concordia logos or anything because it is made by me for students. I can’t steal their design,” said Posth.

“I completely understand this issue, and expected it.”

The simple Android-only app lists the bus times for both campuses and doesn’t require an internet connection to use. Posth updates the app to account for holidays, reading week and the exam period.

A daily commuter on the shuttle bus when he was taking a full course load, Posth designed the app to make his trips easier and to learn the basics of Java on the Android platform.

“Instead of taking pictures of the schedules, this is much more convenient,” he said. “The times are just two clicks away.”