Maintain Student Unity, Support Fee-Levy Groups

I’m writing to my fellow students in all faculties to strongly urge all Concordia undergrads to vote no to per-faculty fee-levy referendums during the CSU elections on March 25-March 27.

I don’t usually get involved with elections so directly, or even write letters like this, but the specific ballot question about fee-levy groups is an unfair attack on the integrity of some incredible organizations that I know well, like the Centre for Gender Advocacy and QPIRG-Concordia who, along with other fee-levy groups, are very accountable to students while doing great campus and community organizing work.

I even joined the “Vote No” committee last week, and it’s been great to work with students from all faculties. Our committee includes the active participation of students from the faculties of arts and science, fine arts, the John Molson School of Business and engineering and computer science.
In other words, our committee represents student unity, not the divisions that happen with per-faculty referendums.

I feel our committee represents the potential of what students from all faculties can accomplish when we work together.

Students should check out , the website of the “Vote No” campaign, for more details. Maintaining student unity when it comes to fee-levy groups is an important way to maintain the strength of Concordia’s student community as a whole.

Thien Viet Quan

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