Layers and lattes: The advantages of the fall season

The atmosphere carries the scent of earthy leaves and the promise of cozy evenings.

Crisp autumn days, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced everything outshines sweltering summers. Graphic Cassandra Hernandez

As a summer baby, I eagerly counted down the months during the harshest of winters, yearning for sunnier days. I longed for those afternoons when the air shimmered with heat and the cicadas filled the background with their hum. I cherished the toasty summer nights that felt infinite.

But as I got older, I found myself gradually shifting my anticipation over to fall weather. The crisp, cool air of autumn brought relief from the summer heat, and it was an added bonus that the leaves painted a picture of unparalleled beauty.

The cozy feeling of wrapping myself in warm sweaters and sipping pumpkin-spiced beverages became irresistible. Fall's arrival felt comfortable and nostalgic, and it pulled me away from the intense heat of summer

As the summer season started, I would plan many activities, create cute outfits and even look into local festivals to avoid missing out on any social events. Despite my efforts, most days, I found myself staying indoors. The older I got, the more my summers consistently looked like this: sleeping in when I could, putting my air conditioner on full blast, working full time and complaining about how hot I was whenever I went out with friends. 

Although the Leo in me hates to admit this, Fall with its colourful and aesthetic landscape, is a superior season to its hot and humid predecessor.

Summer's relentless heat can be unbearable for many – myself included – forcing us to seek refuge inside our homes. Montreal, for instance, experienced three consecutive days of 30-degree temperature with humidex values of almost 40 over Labour Day weekend. In stark contrast, fall brings the ideal climate with crisp mornings, cozy afternoons, and cool evenings – a relief from the scorching summer days. No excessive sweating. No sunburns.

Autumn's clothing options offer both convenience and style. The versatility of layering makes outfit planning a breeze. You can effortlessly adapt to changing temperatures. Say bye-bye to the sweat-soaked shirts and the sticky skin of summer, which are no longer a concern during autumn’s blend of sunny days and gentle breezes. This season provides me with the perfect excuse to pull out my scarves, jackets and boots. The rich palette of cool fall colours allows for endless wardrobe possibilities.

It’s a perfect opportunity to flaunt those Pinterest-inspired fall fits on social media while letting your followers know you’re apple-picking or at a pumpkin patch. 

Fall brings with it an array of themed events and holidays that spark a sense of joy and togetherness. The season is filled with opportunities for gatherings and festivities like Halloween, haunted houses, Thanksgiving and horror movie marathons. 

The weather’s nostalgic atmosphere also makes it the perfect time to rewatch old shows and movies.

Whether it's the latest season of a series or I’m in the mood to rewatch my personal guilty pleasures like Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill for the 100th time, fall has a special place in the world of entertainment. 

And what better time is there than to indulge in the pumpkin-spiced goodies? Whether it’s the baked goods or fall-themed drinks, you will catch me at any coffee shop downtown, getting a pumpkin spice treat before my study sessions. 

While summer has its own charm, there's something uniquely enchanting about the fall season. The clothing is more comfortable, the temperature is just right, and the themed events are heartwarming. It’s a time to embrace change all whilst indulging in fall festivities.