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Concordia Students Proudly Show Off Their Tattoos

Vic Cody,23, has a variety of tattoos on their legs. Each one is hand-poked, a form of tattooing in which a sterilized needle is dipped into ink and repeatedly pierced into the skin point-by-point. Photo Olivia Integlia. Photo Olivia Integlia
Florencia Vallejo proudly shows off her tattoo done in Mexico.  Hand drawn by her mother, it displays a woman wrapped inside an anatomical heart. Growing up, she suffered from mental health issues. Her mother always consoled her in telling her to look to the woman in her heart for strength, she explained. Her tattoo serves as both a reminder of her resilience and a tribute to her years in gender studies. Photo Olivia Integlia
Fam Attia, 22, reveals a large tattoo hidden on his forearm. It is a dove flying through the gates of heaven, he explained. Photo Olivia Integlia
Anna Abbott, 19, reveals a carefully detailed tattoo of a mother and baby whale on their back. Photo Olivia Integlia
Melody Sannon proudly displayed a tattoo of the word “serendipity” with a butterfly located on her chest. Photo Olivia Integlia
Anna Hadde, 32, has a simple flower tattoo on her hand. Photo Olivia Integlia
21-year-old Michael Fritz-Jones’ tattoo of a man with a television head is eye-grabbing. He does not give much thought to the tattoos he gets and just picks out what he thinks looks interesting, he explained. Photo Olivia Integlia
Emily Blair shows off a minimalist tattoo of a scissor on her hand. Photo Olivia Integlia

In Canada, two in ten people have at least one tattoo on their body. Of this percentage, individuals ranging from 18 to 34 are most likely to get a tattoo, according to the Ipsos Reid poll conducted by Global television.

After roaming around Concordia’s downtown campus, various students were more than happy to show off and discuss their tattoos. For some, these permanent markings served as an expression of their identity. For others, tattoo designs were completely random and simply chosen because of their aesthetic value. The Link went looking for the best tattoos to showcase. 

This article originally appeared in Volume 43, Issue 2, published September 13, 2022.