Heard in the Hall

Illustration by Clément Liu

If the CSU’s anti-tuition hike strike goes on for a prolonged period of time, how would an extended semester affect you?

  • “I think that if we do go on [a prolonged] strike and it does work, then it is worth it to go an extra month for this semester because we get lower tuition fees. If it [doesn’t] work, it would be annoying. Because [during the] one month extra, one could go on vacation or work or something. One month extra would be taking from my time.”

  • “I wouldn’t like it because usually I work in the summer. I would have less time to work. Plus now, I’m doing co-op with Concordia. So, my first work is in the summer […] it’s a set date.”

  • “If this semester goes long, of course it is going to affect me. Because I’m a co-op student, pretty much my entire undergraduate degree is planned out. Therefore, I am not able to do certain courses for certain semesters. So then I have to reschedule everything to be able to finish within a certain reasonable amount of time.”

  • “Well, it would basically affect me a lot. I am planning on taking summer classes. Basically, it would push back my whole summer. And also, I work. And I already took my vacation off from my work. And, end of August to the beginning of September, I am going to be in Europe. [If] it pushes back everything, then it’s gonna mess up my plans.”

  • “Having an extended term would royally screw me over. After three years of studying here I realize it’s more affordable for me to work and get in-state tuition at home in Philadelphia, so I’m transferring to Temple University to finish my degree. I’m all for keeping tuition costs low, but at this point I, maybe selfishly, just want this term to wrap up so I can go home and find a job to offset some of the debt I’ve accumulated here.”