Flohmarkt Market Caters to Montreal’s Vintage Enthusiasts

Concordia Alumni Starts a Thriving Business of Vintage Clothing

Flohmarkt pop up sales offer vintage clothing options. Photo Betsy-May Smith

The summer season comes with an opportunity for Montrealers to experience the unique benefits of the Flohmarkt Pop-ups. From vintage flea markets to artistic collaborations, it’s a collection of monthly events that have found their home in Montreal.

According to Alex Mondry, the sporadic pop-up events cater to young, creative people. Flohmarkt Pop-ups—meaning flea market in German—are truly about bringing people together and building communities around shared interests.

“At the end of the day, Flohmarkt events are about having a great time in an inclusive environment with fun people,” said organizer Alex Mondry.

Mondry has been hosting pop-up events in Montreal for a year. Before starting Flohmarkt Pop-ups, her first vintage flea markets were taking place at her apartment with a few of her friends.

“We couldn’t fit everyone in my seven and a half anymore—I decided to start renting commercial spaces,” she explained.

For the young entrepreneur, turning your hobby into your career is inspiring. She met a special person who advised her to be surrounded by people “better than her,” so she could learn from them.

“I’ve always tried to live by that,” Mondry added.

With that motto in mind, Mondry started to organize events with art collectives, such as collage-making parties with CTRL+V, a Montreal-based collage group. Their latest collaboration, called Slice, was a group exhibition that showcased the work of 17 local artists.

“It is a big mess full of clothes, but it is a treasure hunt at the same time.” — Camilo Miranda

Those events consisted of hosting live band performances and open art making in do-it-yourself venues.

The positive feedback from people attending those events inspired her to broaden the scope and size of the events that she used to host. Her ambition motivated her to jump outside her comfort zone, and start to work with more collaborators.

It is through her networks and social media that Mondry was able to reach new collaborators. She also gives them the chance to have a platform to sell their vintage clothes.

One of Flohmarkt Pop-ups biggest sale took place on April 27 and 28 on St. Denis Blvd. The vintage clothing flea market comprised 30 vendors and brought in thousands of customers throughout the week-end.

Taking place in a former Urban Outfitters, thrift shop lovers will be able to attend the sale multiple times as Mondry has rented the boutique throughout the summer season.

If you need to restructure your trendy summer wardrobe, Flohmarkt Pop-ups gives you the opportunity to let your creativity out and to mix up a pair of Tommy Hilfiger’s elephant-bottom pants with a set of inspired 80s gold earrings.

People waiting for their chance to see what the pop-ups have to offer. Photo Betsy-May Smith

The vendors present during the sale are people already involved in the thrifting business.

Founder of Thriftlife Canada, Camilo Miranda, opened his boutique on St. Laurent Blvd. over a year ago.

Offering a variety of vintage clothes like Adidas bombers, Columbia, Nike jackets, and multiple types of vintage jeans jackets, Miranda saw a business opportunity after he started to frequent churches basement sales.

The sales also gives a second life to a regular t-shirt you have stashed away in your closet. It is also a good way for students to save money and to find a unique look.

Most of the vendors present during the sale had a variety of brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas and Levis. Flohmarkt Pop-ups gives the chance to purchase these brands, which are usually more expensive, for a price that students can afford.

Flohmarkt Pop-ups make it easier for Montrealers to find items that are classic vintage, and accessories that are in perfect condition.

“It is a big mess full of clothes, but it is a treasure hunt at the same time,” said Thriftlife Canada’s owner.

The next vintage flea market sale will take place on the weekend of May 25 and 26, in the former Urban Outfitters on St. Denis Blvd.