Fashion Dreamz come true at homegrown Quebecois brand showcase

A review of the Dreamz Corporation multidimensional fashion event

The fashion show had a lot of different performances including belly dancing. Photo Menel Rehab

On Sept. 22, Dreamz Corporation organized a fashion show to rebrand their underwear collection

Organized by Peel Fashion Fest, the Dreamz fashion event lasted the whole weekend where attendees could immerse themselves in the world of fashion. This event promised to be an unforgettable experience, merging style, music, and glamour at the heart of Montreal's Les Cours Mont-Royal mall.

Running from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., this event featured several large terraces, tents, pop-up shops, restaurants and festivities. 

Inside the mall, Les Cours Mont-Royal transformed into a fashion haven, adorned with plants and a dazzling crystal chandelier. A twisting staircase added a touch of sophistication to the setting leading to a glazed runway podium. Classic decor, including a red carpet and a photo booth, welcomed guests into a chic atmosphere. Alcohol and bites on-site were set to the beats of EDM pop music. Little kiosks offer an array of refreshments, from drinks to pasta—even barber services. Attendees were greeted with signature cocktails featuring Aupale Vodka, complemented by charming green and golden balloons.

Animated by residential real estate broker Philippe Véronneau, a first-time animator,  the show exuded an essence of luxury and style, with press pictures and VIP seating. DJ Dagger curated runway music, known for his expertise in radio and wedding DJing.

Laurence Brunet is a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur who has pursued her passion for fashion and created her own brand, DREAMZ, in 2016. Her wish was to create a Canadian fashion movement that promoted the evolution of fashion in Canada. The Dreamz initiative is dedicated to fostering a 100 per cent Canadian evolution in the fashion industry, committing to advancing and nurturing the growth and progress of the fashion industry in Canada. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs in creating purely Quebecois/Canadian brands by sharing their suppliers. The goal is to unite efforts and establish a significant #MADEINCANADA movement recognized globally.

The show stemmed from a collaboration between Laurence (Lolo) Boss  and the film production Starz Canada. Sponsors included IstrawU, PEEL MTL FOODIES, and Aupale Vodka.

The event showcased diverse collections and a commitment to supporting local and global fashion, with a focus on fall styles and collaborations with brands like Lolo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Bob Oré, and Maison 1455. Designers with striking logos were promoted, fostering local businesses and startups.

The event unfolded with three captivating acts: an exclusive preview of electrifying hip-hop and dancehall singer Bobby Bawss' song “New Avenger”, and the runway show, featuring products crafted in Quebec and beyond. 

Interludes showcasing an artist duo performance with Bobby Bawss and 1000 joules, alongside a mesmerizing belly dance performance by Shisha Girl. Beyond the runway, guests could extend the celebration to the terrace and after-party, complete with cigar stands and a festive atmosphere that keeps the party alive until the early hours.

The event was an artistic and cultural celebration that proudly spotlights Canadian and local talent, all within the elegant and captivating backdrop of Les Cours Mont-Royal.

This article originally appeared in Volume 44, Issue 3, published October 3, 2023.