Cooperating With a New Reggie’s

Becoming a Member at Concordia’s Student Bar Now Possible

Photo Nikolas Litzenberger

Customers of the newly named Reggie’s Solidarity Cooperative, can now become members.

With this new initiative, becoming a member will cost $10, however Reggie’s will subsidize half the cost, meaning the actual cost is only $5.

Members will receive a ten per cent discount on all food items and specials, and will have voting rights during general meetings. The first meeting will tentatively be held in November.

“This is a chance for members to come and present themselves and engage in a discussion with other members,” said CSU Finance Coordinator and Reggie’s Board President Adrian Longinotti.

Transitioning into a coop also means that Reggie’s is not for profit, therefore all revenue will be reinvested into the bar and its members.

Another thing that is new about Reggie’s is their booking process, which can now be accessed online through their website. In addition to the the regular booking form, the Reggie’s Safer Space Policy must be read and signed. Reggie’s staff will also have to learn the policy in order to enforce it properly.

“We’re still working on how it can implemented here at events. For example, during our events, we’re going to have people on site,” said Longinotti. “A very important thing is that staff are going to continue to be trained with regards to the policy and based on some feedback that we received from the community.”

The new cooperative took effect after the CSU-owned, for-profit subsidiary CUSAcorp was dissolved after the fiscal year ended on May 31. With the dissolution of CUSAcorp, Reggie’s has no affiliation with the CSU anymore. Rachel Gauthier, the Student Life Coordinator is also on the board.

“There’s a fine line,” said Longinotti. “So think about that venn diagram in which you have two circles and the in-between which is Reggie’s and the CSU. [When] they come together and it’s my responsibilities, in which I act as both the president and a CSU executive, that always comes down to what’s best for the community, the students.”

Although Reggies’ is already open, its grand reopening event will be on Sept 23.