Concordia’s New Learning Square Opens

The New Temporary Classroom Space Offers Flexibility Despite Accessibility Issues

  • The Learning Square will offer flexibility to the university, with eight new classes which can each hold up to 80 students. Photo Alexandre Denis

The Learning Square, Concordia’s new modular classroom building on De Maisonneuve Blvd., opened on Jan. 6.

It features eight classrooms that can each hold up to 80 students.

Automatic door openers were supposed to be installed for the opening, but they are currently on back-order. Photo Alexandre Denis

The project, which started in August, was put into place to allow “Concordia to undertake renovations to the Hall Building quicker and on a larger scale, with fewer disruptions for students and faculty and keeping them in the downtown campus,” according to Concordia spokesperson Vannina Maestracci. But the opening has hit a few snags.

Currently, the two-story building has a few accessibility issues. The Learning Square has two staircases, one of which is located outside of the building. The stairs are the only way for students to access the second floor, as it does not have an elevator.

The Learning Square is located on De Maissoneuve Blvd. in what used to be an old parking lot. Photo Alexandre Denis

While it does have a ramp located at the entrance for ease of access, at this time the front door does not feature an automatic door opener. The door opener, which was planned to have been installed on time for the opening, is currently on back-order, according to the university. It is expected to be installed by the end of the month at the latest, said Maestracci.

A security agent will be available for students who need help with mobility issues while the administration waits for the door.

What happens to students who need accessible classrooms if they are assigned to the Learning Square? According to Maestracci, the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities typically takes care of informing the Office of the Registrar in advance if a student needs an accessible classroom.

“However, students sometimes register for classes until the ‘Did Not Enter’ deadline (when rooms have already been allocated),” said Maestracci. “If a student who registers later should have a special requirement, the Office of the Registrar will try to re-locate the class.”

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