Concordia Increases Security on Campus Following Harassment Complaints

Student Recounts Incidents of Being Stalked

Security has been increased on campus in light of multiple harassment complaints. File Photo Brian Lapuz

Two weeks ago Concordia student Vanessa, who wished to remain anonymous and was given a pseudonym for her safety, said she was approached by a man in his 20s on campus. He started by complimenting her, asking her questions, and tried to get her off campus.

She encountered a similar situation last Wednesday with a different man, who she said used the same line of questioning and complimented her in the same manner, also trying to get her off campus.

As a result the university said security has been increased, but did not disclose what buildings are seeing more guards.

At least twelve women shared comments on social media saying they had men approach them with the same script on campus, trying to get them off campus and following them after being declined.

“It was the exact same thing, but a different person,” she said in an Instagram video uploaded on Friday with over 77,000 views. “I think everyone needs to know what’s going on.”

Vanessa said both were in their 20s and both said they weren’t students. She said she’s convinced they had connections with each other, and wrote on Instagram that she’s filed an incident report with Concordia’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre.

“It’s not a coincidence, this is a rehearsed, organized group,” she went on to say.

Vanessa said she was also followed on the second occasion.

“I could see him in the corner of my eye following me,” she said. “When I stopped walking, he stopped walking, and when I kept walking, he continued walking.”

Vanessa contacted security this week to ask they increase their presence on campus where the interactions occurred. She did not disclose the location on campus.

“It has come to the university’s attention that a number of female students have been approached on campus by strangers with unwanted and/or insistent invitations to accompany them elsewhere. The students report having felt uncomfortable and harassed,” the university wrote in a public statement released today.

They’re now encouraging any students who feels unsafe to make use of their Safe Walk program, available 24/7. The program allows student to reach out to security and have an agent accompany individuals to their car, public transport route, or an on-campus location. Security can be reached at 514-848-3717.

“I wanted to let people know and be aware because this could put [students] in a very dangerous position,” said Vanessa.

This article is being updated as more information becomes available.