Campaigning Done Right

I usually avoid taking part in political campaigns.

After all, if the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that real change is almost impossible to achieve at Concordia. Student unions seem to be confrontational rather than diplomatic, plagued with a tendency to negotiate with an iron fist instead of a velvet glove.

As a student, I saw my fee-levies being disbursed on projects that barely generated interest—projects that were beleaguered with political connotations. It seemed that my tuition was fueling the personal objectives of a political party, not advancing academia.

Fortunately, this no longer seems to be the case. Upon attending the Concordia Student Union Debate that took place on March 22nd, I was happy to realize that for the first time in three years, I wouldn’t have to “vote for the best of the worst.” A coherent platform had finally been introduced. The Embrace ConU team was eloquent, resourceful, but most importantly, they seemed to understand the needs of the many students they represent. They weren’t catering after one minority to proliferate votes. Instead, they were open to discussion.

Although impressed, I was still quite skeptical. Elected individuals do have the tendency of putting on a facade, a front that ultimately proves to be false. So, I decided to reach out to Embrace ConU with a series of questions. The response was swift, clear and concise. Every individual on the Embrace ConU team is an expert within their subject area. The value put on efficiency is only surpassed by the effort that this team is putting into making Concordia stand out. From Omar Riaz’s previous experience as chairperson of CASA-JMSB, to Émilie Leduc’s varied experience in human resources, the student body is fortunate enough to have these experienced individuals put in their time and effort to make our university experience, better.

If you are a student who is unaware of what the Concordia Student Union does or what they stand for, I encourage you to reach out to Embrace ConU. I also encourage you to go out and vote in the upcoming CSU Elections on March 28, 29 and 30. If you are tired of seeing your tuition money go to waste and if you are tired of being misrepresented, I encourage you to vote Embrace ConU. Concordia has a lot of potential. Let’s not allow the mistakes of the past limit that potential. #VoteEmbraceConU

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