Better the Bylaws

Recent times have been characterized by widespread loss of confidence in the legitimacy of our democratic institutions, at every level of government.

Majority governments elected with a minority of the popular vote; elections called at a time most profitable to the party in power; serious allegations of collusion, corruption and conflict of interest; lack of transparency in the use of public funds; ridiculous electoral campaigns which spread more cynicism than ideas.

Examples of serious problems abound, many of which plague large governments and student associations alike.

The proposed Concordia Student Union bylaw reforms, which will be subject to referendum during the Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 CSU byelection, have been designed to make the CSU more democratic, more representative and more liable to its members.

I invite you to study the proposed reforms. I believe that you will not be disappointed.

—Bruno Joyal
CSU Councillor, Arts & Science
Member of the CSU Policy Reform Committee

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