Chuck Wilson for CSU President

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chuck Wilson for three years now, and he has my complete endorsement for the job of CSU President.

Chuck actually cares about each and every student on this campus and has often gone out of his way to help whole faculties, often with little to no credit. I first met Chuck when he was the chair of the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) in 2011 and in often-tenuous meetings during the Maple Spring, Chuck kept a level head and helped us ensure that our conversations were productive, even in such a high stress environment.

When a delay in counting absences by last year’s CSU chair meant that it was too late for Fine Arts candidates to run in the 2012-2013 CSU by-election, Chuck was the person who informed me about it and looked over my petition. With his help, I was able to assemble a team of students that worked as ex-officio officers on Council. This year, there are three Fine Arts candidates running and I think that in large part, that has to do with Chuck. It may have taken a gap year to get the ball rolling, but we did it. Chuck made me care, I made others care, and here were are today.

He is the only candidate, in my opinion, who has laid out a plan with realistic outcomes that focuses on academics – and isn’t that why we’re here, ultimately – and empowers the many student groups on campus so that they can take on social activist roles, instead of making that the job of the CSU. We have such great resources on campus, and Chuck wants to help you find them! Remember, just because your friend is running for another slate doesn’t mean that their presidential candidate is the best fit. No matter who gets voted into office, Chuck will work with them and be the leader that the CSU needs at this pivotal moment in its history.

Chuck does things (dot com), and that’s why you should vote for him for CSU President.

Erika Couto
BFA Art History & Film Studies ’13
Current MA Art History student
VP Clubs & Services FASA (2012-2013)
Ex-Officio officer CSU (2012-2013)

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