CSU To Represent You

This is a letter of support to Your Concordia CSU councillors.

I believe Your Concordia would bring a diversity that would represent Concordia students. Your Concordia on council would bring accountability, transparency and a balance to the decisions of the CSU Executive.

Your Concordia is a team of students who have been involved in every social, political and financial issue that has been plaguing our university, and they have always been on the side of the students.

This is also a letter of support for Schubert Laforest, Laura Gomez and Alex Gordon as CSU Action Councillors and members of ASFA. ASFA needs a powerful representation on CSU council in order to have an efficient representation of the member associations like PSSA. They are also hard working individuals who know how student associations and clubs work at Concordia. This is why I wish to see Your Concordia councillors and Schubert Laforest, Laura Gomez and Alex Gordon of Action on CSU council.

Please vote for them in order for a CSU that is representative of YOU, the student, the clubs and student association. The university future is in your hands; choose something that represent you.

It is Your Concordia.

—Pier-Luc Therrien,
Political Science Students
Association, President-Elect

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.

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