Sexual Health Resource Quickie

This week’s column is a quickie introduction to some of the awesome on-campus resources that can help you manage your sexual health. Sometimes the hardest part of needing help is figuring out where to go.

Luckily, between the university and student groups you can find support in a wide variety of situations. Whether you’re looking for someone to talk to, want to get tested or just want to grab some free condoms, this list will get you there.

First up, we have the Centre for Gender Advocacy. Offering free support and resources through its peer support and advocacy program, as well as safer sex and trans health resources, the Centre is worth checking out.

They also offer an impressive range of programming, so keep an eye out for their workshops, speakers and film screenings.

The CGA is one of the only two spots on campus where you can pick up free condoms, gloves, lube and dental dams. You can find them at 2110 Mackay St. or at

Queer Concordia is a “resource centre and safe space for those who are queer, lesbian, gay, trans*, two-spirited, bisexual, asexual, intersex, questioning, allies or otherwise outside the cis- or hetero- norm,” according to its Facebook group.

They hold awesome events and workshops and house an impressive library on queer and feminist topics. There too, you can always find free condoms, gloves, lube and dental dams just outside their office.

You can find them in room P-102 at 2020 Mackay St. or by searching “Queer Concordia” on Facebook.

Concordia Health Services is a resource you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. Finding a doctor or walk-in clinic without a six-hour wait can be a challenge in Montreal, but this student service has you covered.

Sexual health-wise, Health Services offers free STI testing and pap tests, during which you can also talk to a doctor about birth control. Their confidentiality policy requires your signature on a Release of Information form before any medical and/or personal information or documents can be communicated with any other people, units or institutions outside of Health Services, unless required by law.

Concordia Health Services can be found in room GM-200 on the downtown campus or room AD-131 at Loyola.

Barely a year old, the Sexual Assault Resource Centre is the university’s newest resource. The SARC offers crisis intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, outreach and referrals to anyone affected by sexual assault and/or harassment.

Whether you’re looking for support through a difficult time or just want to learn more about sexual assault, the SARC and its resources are there for you in room GM-300.27 on the Sir George Williams campus. For more info, you can always call 514-848-2424 ext. 3353 or email the SARC’s coordinator at

While not necessarily a resource, if you have an interest in sexuality, you should check out the Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality minor.

Drawing from several disciplines, the minor offers an impressive range of courses from different departments within the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Core courses include HIV/AIDS: Aspects of the Pandemic, Intro to Sexuality Research, Social Construction of Sexuality and Queer Cinema.

For more info, check out the undergraduate calendar or contact Program Coordinator Tom Waugh at

Finally, Sex & Pancakes is a weekly resource for sexual health questions and information. You can check out The Link’s blog for past topics and the S&P website for more resources or you can submit a question of your own!

Check in next week for a quickie on consent!

Submit your question anonymously at and check out “Sex & Pancakes” on Facebook. For more resources, head to

Quick health question? Just need a resource? Text SextEd at 514-700-0445 for a confidential answer within 24 hours!

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