Pregnancy Options

My period is late so I took two pregnancy tests, but they each came out different… I don’t know what to do now or what to do if I’m pregnant. I always thought I’d have an abortion if it happened but now I feel confused. Help?

Before anything else, you’ll want to find out if you’re actually pregnant. Since you’ve already done two at home pregnancy tests with mixed results, it’s time to go to a clinic. You can go to Concordia Health Services, a CLSC, or any walk-in clinic.* They might do another urine test or go straight for a blood test; but either way, you’ll want to double-check any positive results from an at-home pregnancy test with a nurse or doctor since they can be faulty.

If calling a clinic ahead, make sure to tell them that it’s for a pregnancy test since you’re likely to get an earlier appointment. From there, let’s say you find out you’re pregnant and take a look at possible next steps. Even if you always thought you’d have an abortion, it’s impossible to know how you’ll really feel until you’re in the situation.

If you’re not sure about continuing a pregnancy, you’ll want to start by exploring your feelings about the pregnancy and your options. This is a very personal decision that can be complicated, so it’s one that only you can make for yourself. It can help to reach out to a person who you trust to support you through your own decision-making process without trying to influence your decision. Since that can sometimes be difficult for someone close to you to do, I recommend seeking the help of a professional counselor or therapist either way.

Counseling will give you the space to freely explore your feelings away from other people who may be affected by them. Concordia Counseling and Development is a free on-campus resource that you can check out for counseling services. You can even read counselors’ bios online to see if someone specific interests you. If you’re looking for off-campus support and you’re 25 years old or under, I highly recommend the social services at Head & Hands. You can call (514) 481-0277 and ask to make a counseling appointment.

At the same time, maybe you’re not interested in seeing a counselor or you want to start with something more private. There are also resources that can guide you through a personal reflection on your own or with a person you trust. The website offers free workbooks to help people process feelings and thoughts related to pregnancy and abortion.

The Pregnancy Options Workbook is a great and thorough tool to help anyone who becomes pregnant to figure out their next steps. It addresses both physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, while providing detailed information on what to expect for all available options. Depending on your choices, the other workbooks on the Pregnancy Options website might be of use to you. Whatever your situation or decisions, I would also have more suggestions for support and resources, so feel free to reach out again with any follow-up questions.

*Concordia Health Services—call to make an appointment or show up in person for urgent care services: 514-848-2424 ext. 3565 (SGW, GM-200), ext. 3575 (LOY, AD-131) CLSC or walk-in clinic: call info-santé at 8-1-1 from any Quebec phone line and ask for the nearest clinic. Concordia Counselling and Development : call 514-848-2424 :ext. 3545 (SGW), ext. 3555 (LOY)

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