Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Hot Drinks to Shake off Winter Chills

Let’s just get the obvious out there right now: it’s cold, and it’s only going to get colder. With November about to end, December is waiting in the wings to sweep in and infect us all with a rough case of holiday fever and winter chills.

Whether it’s your first or fifth winter here in Montreal, the transition to downright freezing is always a painful one this time of year. But don’t worry too much, there are tons of ways to win the cold war: onesie pajamas, brand new mittens, hibernation a la bears, and our personal favourite, hot drinks.

That’s why we here at The Link have compiled a list of some special hot drinks all over Montreal to keep you toasty all season long. It’s warm, sip-able goodness, from the alcoholically naughty, to the deliciously sweet and nice.

1. Lavender Tea Latte – Thé Kiosque (1428 Mackay St.)
We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “My goodness, I bet everyone on staff at The Link is really ridiculously good looking!” No? Well, then maybe you’re thinking that drinking lavender sounds weird, but rest assured that it isn’t. This latte, with its light floral flavor, a hint of vanilla and the right amount of sweetness would be the perfect thing to relax you on the way home from an intense study session at the library.

2. “Le Babette” Hot Chocolate – Au Festin De Babette (4085 Ste. Denis St.)
Get your chocolate fix with one of many great varieties of this steamy cocoa concoction, often noted for being one of the best Montreal has to offer. Not to be missed is “The Babette,” a creamy chocolate, simmering with the heat and spice of ginger, pepper and cardamom.

3. Mulled Wine – Le Cagibi (5490 St Laurent Blvd)
Mulled wine—basically Christmas in a glass—was a popular holiday drink in Victorian England, and is now seeing a return to popularity. Basically, it’s sweetened red wine, heated up with spices like cloves and nutmeg, as well as slices of citrus fruit. Sounds crazy—crazy DELICIOUS.

4. Hot Cider – Else’s (156 Roy St. E.)
This winter classic needs almost no introduction whatsoever. It’s hot, it’s apple-icious and it’s stood the test of time against winter, year after year. Nothing quite shakes off the cold like a glass of this steaming, cinnamon delight.
The boozy blueberry tea at the Irish Embassy. Photo Geoffrey Vendeville

5. Blueberry Tea – The Irish Embassy (1234 Bishop St.)
If you’re one of those people who says they are “not a coffee person” but you’d still like something warm and boozy for your very own, this beverage is a mind-melting combination of blueberry tea, Grand Marnier and Amaretto.

What beverages would you count among your favourites to keep the heat up as the weather cools down?

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