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    Canada’s Racist Roots Unearthed in Ninth Floor

    Mina Shum and Selwyn Jacob’s documentary Ninth Floor challenges the Canadian ethos of multiculturalism with its discussion of racist incidents at Sir George Williams University, Concordia predecessor.

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    The next time you cut the line at the Hive, you can bet your ass that I will be there to call you out and tell you to take your rightful place at the caboose.

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    A Memorable Remembrance Day

    Thousands congregated on the lower field last Wednesday to commemorate 97 years since the end of the First World War, in a ceremony meant to honour those who never came home—a notion some argue is not inclusive to all victims of war.

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    Concordia Students Hold Dance Demo Downtown to Protest Austerity

    A DIY sound system rigged out of a used car battery, jumper cables and a pre-amp, blasted 80’s underground jams in Norman Bethune Square Wednesday for a dance party against austerity.

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    Blows Exchanged Between Anti-Bill 59 and Anti-Fascist Demos

    A demonstration dubbed the “Silent March” against Quebec’s proposed Bill 59—designed to prevent and combat hate speech and speech inciting violence—was met with a counter demonstration by an anti-fascist contingency, and a heavy police presence on Saturday at Place Émilie-Gamelin.