Ray Corkum

  • Bracing for Impact

    St. Henri Residents Fight Against Turcot-Based Evictions

    Hundreds of St. Henri residents facing eviction due to the forthcoming Turcot Interchange project will meet with the Ministère des Transports Québec this week to discuss the potential ramifications of the mega-project on their community.

  • Refresh Your Public Space

    Students Act Out Against The University’s New PepsiCo. Contract on Campus

    Überculture, a student group opposed to the “corporatization of campus and public space,” launched campaigns this past week targeting PepsiCo.

  • Strength in Numbers

    Families Affected by Police Violence Take to the Streets

    A group of families affected by police violence joined with civil justice advocates and supporters this past weekend to demand an end to police brutality.
    The group hosted several events over the weekend in recognition of the North American Day to Stop Police Brutality and Oppression.

  • Everything on the Table

    National Chair of the Council of Canadians Speaks at ConU

    The National chair of the Council of Canadians and “water warrior” Maude Barlow visited Concordia this past week for the Montreal premiere of Liz Marshall’s film Water on the Table.

  • Wiesel to Speak at Con U

    Author to Speak for Student Union he once called ‘anti-Semitic’

    Writer, activist, Noble laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel will bring his story to Concordia on Oct. 19.
    The Romanian-born Wiesel has published nearly 60 books and is a respected commentator on the subject of racism, violence and the evil of apathy in the face of suffering, which he calls the “greatest of all evils.”

  • Justice for Anas

    Inquest into 2005 Police Shooting Continues

    The coroner’s inquiry into the death of Mohamed Anas Bennis will resume despite efforts by the Montreal Police Brotherhood to have the case closed.

  • What the Frak?

    Drilling for shale gas in Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley has been put on hold.

  • Three Credits and a Baby

    Concordia Student Group Aims to Help Student Parents

    The Student Parents Centre of Concordia University and a fledgling student group are working to facilitate the lives of those raising children while pursuing their degree.

  • ‘Show Me the Money!’

    Concordia Administration and Support Staff to Meet for Contract Negotiations

    Contract negotiations between Concordia University and the United Steelworkers union are scheduled to resume on Sept. 22.