Peter Murray

  • “Every Corner of the Room”

    Local Folk Singer David Simard Wants More From the Stage

    Smoke twists and twirls through the air of a dimly lit, wood-paneled room. The hollow acoustic instruments seem an elaborate extension of the floor and walls. The melody of the space blends into itself and a voice guides you down a hallway. This is one of the many atmospheres woven by the songs of David Simard.

  • Circus of the Mind

    A Journey Towards the Boundaries of Consciousness

    “It’s not just a spectacle, but something that the audience is intimately involved in,” said Shannon Collier, one of the organizers of Atem, an event that will combine guided meditation, improvisational music and circus acts.

  • Confess To Your iPhone

    ‘$1.99 Is a Small Price to Pay for Redemption’

    Are you leading an overwhelmingly busy yet deliciously sinful lifestyle?

  • Fuck The Police

    Electronic Artist Won’t Be Shut Up

    By bringing an amplifier, a sampler and a tweaked out sense of psychedelic-infused electronica to street corners around Concordia University and the Montreal region, Cop Car Bonfire brings a new approach to the act of busking.