Oksana Cueva

  • Welcome to Gaultier’s Universe

    The Iconic Designer Reveals his Latest Collection

    Models’ silver hair combed up in a Hepburn-in-Breakfast at Tiffany’s-esque style captured the essence of the self-assumed, achieved, relaxed and independent woman of our century. Gray was doubtlessly the predominant tone for the most recent vision of Jean Paul Gaultier

  • Israel Film Fest Reviews

    Three Highlights from the Montreal Israel Film Festival

  • Precious Life

    The Promised Land Through a Lens of Compassion

    The screening of Precious Life, latest documentary of acclaimed journalist and director Shlomi Eldar, submerges viewers in a different version of the Israel-Palestine reality, one more microcosmic and human.

  • Paris, Mon Amour

    Perry Miller Adato shows Paris at its Peak

    A theatre full of impatient Paris lovers waited for the premier of Perry Miller Adato’s documentary
    Paris, The Luminous Years as part of the FIFA festival.