I’d rather zero bus shelters than several that tease me so

Graphic Sam Jones

It’s subzero. The snow is brittle. The air freezes your nose. The metro won’t take you where you need to go. You choose to take a bus. Who even owns a car? I don’t even mind the bus. But where the fuck are the fucking bus shelters?

There are some scattered across the city, so I guess the concept is one that several urban planners have picked up on. But they are few and far between.

Did I come from such a bourgeois European enclave where local authorities just have tons of extra money to waste on plasticky metal things? Why don’t they exist here where it’s ten times colder?!

One must take shelter in an errant doorway in -30°C temperatures whilst scrambling to check the STM app in the absence of a timetable whilst keeping an eye on the bus stop from your faraway makeshift shelter.

Perhaps the city can spare the cash for some plasticky metal shelters sometime soon in light of the fact that Montreal’s 2015 budget increased STM managers’ salaries far more than inflation.

I love Montreal: I’m just sick of being pushed around by the elements while waiting for the bus.