Julia Miele

  • Ghost World Comes to Montreal Stage

    Cult-Classic Graphic Novel Translated into Play by Director and Concordia Masters Student Josie Teed

    Growing up and moving on is tough. What’s even tougher than that is deciding what to move on from, and experiencing the events that will eventually shape us.

  • The Link’s Best of: Downtown, Mile-End, and The Plateau

    Places we think are pretty alright.

  • Caravonica is a One Clown Show

    Quit Clownin’ Around!

    Caravonica follows the story of Jan Dutler’s clown persona as he travels around, expressing his passions, ideas, and his naïveté.

  • Review: This Bus Won’t Stop

    This bus literally will not stop.

  • Review: Shovel Knight

    New side-scroller puzzle game Shovel Knight dishes out shovelry in spades.

  • Confronting Consequences

    Life is Strange Explores the Ability to Choose in Gaming

    Life Is Strange is a game that makes you realize the weight of your decisions and the consequences they may have. It’s also a great answer as to why time travel is never a good thing to mess with—ever.

  • You Can Count On an Unhappy Ending

    Women are constantly going missing and being murdered across Canada.

  • Nah’msayin

    Don’t Hate on New Year’s Resolutions

    Not everyone is strong-willed—some are susceptible to becoming discouraged, and it’s important to be supportive and help them achieve their resolutions rather than tell them it’s all futile.

  • A 30th Un-Birthday at the Wiggle Room

    A 30th birthday party for Viva Diverse Production’s producer and songstress, Mikki Michelle, will be celebrated in style with an Alice in Wonderland themed burlesque show, Through the Looking Glass.

  • Undertale Over Achieves

    Crowd-Funded Indie RPG an 8-bit Hit

    An 8-bit role-playing game with a storyline that keeps the intrigue high, Toby Fox’s Undertale is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

  • A F-ABBA-lous Evening at the Wiggle Room

    A burlesque drag show with an entirely ABBA score, fABBAlesque! burst forth from the Wiggle Room over the weekend.

  • Connections and Positions

    Visual Artist David K. Ross Explores Space and Perspective

    Positions, presented at the Dazibao Gallery, is a collaborative collection featuring artist David K. Ross, containing three moving-image works, two of which require the use of headsets to listen to accompanying audio, and a set of sketches done by Ross himself.

  • K8 Hardy’s Outfitumentary

    Outfitumentary, an experimental film that
    Hardy started working on in 2001, documents, ostensibly, what the artist wore for ten years.

  • Montreal’s Chinese Gardens of Light

    Every Fall, Montreal’s Botanical Garden transforms their Chinese garden into a Garden of Light. Beautifully crafted paper lanterns of many shapes and colours are placed throughout the garden, telling the history of Chinese culture and folklore. Every year since 2001, the theme of the Garden of Light changes and with it so do the paper lanterns. This fall, the lanterns give a bit of insight into the myths surrounding Chinese New Year.

  • Nahm’sayin

    On PDA

    I get that when you’re in a relationship, you feel the urge to show your partner some affection by kissing them or holding their hand—or just expressing it verbally. Sure, that’s really sweet, and I encourage it.

  • Videogame Review: Pokémon Reborn

    A fan-made addition to the Pokémon pantheon, for those fans who want a more grown-up, challenging Pokémon.

  • With a (Somewhat Gentle) Rebel Yell

    Concordia-Founded Documentary Exhibition Network Closes Summer Screenings Series with Film about Global Rebellions

    Everyday Rebellion, a documentary produced by Golden Girls Filmproduktion and Film Services GmbH, will close Cinema Politica Montreal’s summer screenings at La Place de la Paix on September 1.