Jesse Polowin

  • Weekly Spins

    The Heavy and The Heavier

    Chicago three-piece Russian Circles return with their unique brand of intense instrumental music, one that runs the gamut of borderline-black metal to shoegaze-y ambiance, incorporating grumbling bass, walls of heavily-distorted electric guitar and pounding drums that would be an apt soundtrack for one’s descent to the underworld.

  • Montreal’s Other Jazz Festival

    With a host of local and imported talent, the OFF Jazz festival will be returning to Montreal this fall for its 12th annual edition.

  • Jam at the End of Days

    Trace Element Rejuvenates Modern Jazz

    It was well past six o’clock on Judgment day, and the groove was just getting started at Wakefield’s Black Sheep Inn. Nothing provided a better soundtrack to the end of days than the Toronto-based modern jazz quartet Trace Element.