Guilllaume Morissette

  • Zonoscope

    Cut Copy

    My Australian roommate claims that he once had brunch with one of the dudes from Cut Copy.

  • Dye It Blonde

    The Smith Westerns

    The last time I went to value village I bought a large black sweater with bright geometric shapes overlapping on it. the sweater is a little too big for me but I like it a lot because I feel like a seven-year old wearing it.

  • Native Speaker


    we spent christmas together though you probably don’t know that. during the afternoon, I read a book while
    listening to you and the book was the collected stories of amy hempel and your cover art was three people calmly
    sitting near in a giant ball of fire while hiding behind a tainted patterned glass.

  • Lit Writ

    SHIT HAIR POEM (also album review of halfaxa by grimes)

    The library smells like duck tape; I have shit hair, which explains the hoodie.
    there’s no facebook emoticon to express ‘had sex all weekend.’