Carl Bindman

  • Killing for E-Sport

    Rialto Theatre Livestreams 2015 League of Legends World Championships

    A woman stepped forward holding the prize. Hands reached out, but she threw it over the masses, and they fell on it in a swarm. A hand shot up, tightly clutching the plushie hat—welcome to the end of Montreal’s screening of the League of Legends 2015 World Championships.

  • Spins

    Blessed Feathers, LCD Soundsystem, Teen Cult, and Alex G

    Check out these teeny tiny album reviews!

  • Jukebox Ocean Are Hard to Describe

    Local Montreal Prog-Jazz-Noise Quartet Are Confusing and Awesome

    We’re standing beside one of those really excellent St. Laurent Blvd. Portuguese chicken joints. It’s cold. It’s late. We’re having fun. We’re doing an interview.

  • Meru Brings You Close to the Edge

    Meru, an indie documentary about three of the best climbers in the world on a multi-year mission to climb the toughest mountain in the Himalayas, filmed by two of National Geographic’s best artists, was destined for failure.

  • Interpreting Marco Rubio at GOP Debates: What He Really Means

    Of all the words Senator Marco Rubio could have used to open the second round of the second Republican debate, “aware” was probably the worst.