Alison Bertho

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    Behind the Scenes of ASFA’s Launch Week

    As an international student, I promise myself to live every experience that university has to offer me—one of them being “Frosh Week.”

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    Beating the Bookstore

    Finals had barely finished when Matthew Bruna noticed the stack of textbooks that had accumulated in the corner of his room. If the editions weren’t already expired, he’d be lucky to find another student to buy them back.

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    Love, Not Tears, For Those Lost

    Sub-zero temperatures and Valentine’s Day weren’t enough to stop hundreds from marching in Montreal at the 25th Annual Women’s Memorial March on Saturday.

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    Marching for Murdered Women In Light of Renewed Debate

    On Jan. 12, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights released a report on “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in British Columbia” continuing the debate on whether there should be an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.