Alex Mcgill

  • Beach Combing

    Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungtai on Finding Inspiration

    Badlands, the full-length LP that Alex Zhang Hungtai, who records under the name Dirty Beaches, released earlier this year, was an album the artist never really expected anyone to hear.


    Exhibit at the VAV Explores Life Through Motion

    STOP/MOTION, an exhibit opening Sept. 13 at Concordia’s VAV Gallery, approaches movement as both an active motion and an implied one.

  • X Marks the Spot

    Art for Students, by Students at Gallery X

    Café X, located in Concordia’s VA Building, is home to more than just tasty treats and cheap coffee. The café also houses Concordia’s third—and most laid-back—art gallery, aptly called Gallery X.
    Many Concordia students outside the Fine Arts faculty are currently unaware of the gallery’s existence, something that curator Clinton Glenn intends to change.

  • Where’s the Culture and Music?

    For you res kids who want to stick close to home, Concordia has its own galleries. The VAV is located in Concordia’s VA building and is student-run. There is also the FOFA Gallery in Concordia’s EV building. The two host a ton of student work, so it’s a great way to support your colleagues.

  • Montreal, While you Were Out

    A Summer of Festivals and Fun

    If you are a student here and have yet to spend a summer in Montreal, you’ve been missing out. The semester months are often chilly and spent indoors cowering in fear from the snow amidst schoolbooks and caffeinated beverages.

  • Serious Girl Power

    CHANGE THE BEAT is About Celebration

    Tomorrow’s Girls Action Foundation benefit concert is about celebrating the power of girls and women of all ages.

  • Into the Threshold

    The Void Celebrates Its Last Issue of the School Year

    Members of The Void are in a celebratory mood and want Concordia students to join them. The launch party for their final issue of this school year

  • HIVer Transitions Into Spring

    Fine Arts Students Shed Light on HIV/AIDS Awareness

    For many people, the winter is a season that symbolizes dormancy, hardship, and vast periods of cold and emptiness.

  • (Silver), Exposed

    Photography Students Launch Book, Eight Months in the Making

    (Silver), a collection of original photographs by graduating Concordia photo students, will drop this week.

  • Makeout Skideotape

    Vancouver Pop Tarts Move the Party to Montreal

    When I get to Mac DeMarco’s apartment to talk to him about his band, Makeout Videotape, I wake him up. It’s 11:00 a.m. on a Monday and he greets me in his underwear.

  • Nahmsayin’

    Rez High

    It’s a pretty sad signifier when University students can’t make the distinction between an apartment building and a residence building.

  • Art Matters Is Retro and Innovative

    Art Matters has evolved into the biggest student-run art show in Canada, a renowned two-week long festival showcasing and celebrating student art.

  • Editorial


    Canadians are safe from the threat of usage-based billing… for now.

  • Making the Private Public

    Ligne, Image, Texte Puts the Human Body on Display

    “It has been hard to find forums to make work like this public,” said Michelle Lacombe, performance artist and one of three artists featured in Ligne, Image, Texte, an event that will use the human body as a means for expression.

  • Move Over November

    Mustache for a Great Cause

    The teen ‘stache, the gringo ‘stache, the Hitler ‘stache, the ironic hipster ‘stache—all are welcome in Movember.
    Yes, Movember which has adequately taken over the month of November to help raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer research.

  • Tickle Trunk

    CKUT Puts Magic on the Airwaves

    When was the last time you completely indulged only one of your senses? CKUT’s Magic Sound Box will allow you to do just that.

  • Resurrection

    Discarded Objects Gain New Life, Exhibited at Parisian Laundry

    At what point do useful objects become unwanted?
    This is a question that exhibition Grade, displayed at Parisian Laundry, asks its viewer to ponder.
    Grade is a mixed media exhibit that plays with ideas of efficiency versus inefficiency and practicality versus impracticality.

  • Blue Hawaii

    A Band Who Won’t Surf the Same Wave Twice

    Blue Hawaii has reasons to be melancholic about Art Matters events.
    “It was actually on the Art Matters Opening Party night we decided to make music together,” explained Alex Cowan, who, along with Raphaelle Standell-Preston, comprise the two-piece electro-pop group.

  • Monster Mash

    Creatures of All Shapes and Sizes Come Together for Halloween

    Halloween is approaching, and what better way to pay homage to this wonderful holiday than by celebrating the art of monsters?