Your Concordia Already Acting

Platforms full of exciting ideas, bright smiles, and pleasantries exchanged in hallways —can this really be a CSU election? It warms the cockles of my heart after a five-year absence to be back and find such a downright cheery election going on. Congrats to both the teams running for their attitude on this.

Looking at the platforms, one would be tempted to reasonably conclude the teams are quite similar in their ideas. But the crucial difference is the team members themselves. Time and time again if you look at initiatives throughout the year on tuition, sustainability, financial policy and development, it’s been the Your Concordia team members out in front getting the ball rolling. These are the people who if you give them a task, they’re going to figure out how to make it happen and do it, not just wait to cheer on someone else’s idea. They’re not just going to do it; they’re already doing it.

This team is comprised of the leaders, the ones who have been out banging on doors, talking to people in classes and hallways, and leading the fight for reasonable tuition, transparency, student space and practical sustainable initiatives. These are the people who are well versed in the fight against CFS and won’t walk in with an open mind to “look at all the information and make a decision.” These are the people strong enough to carry out a “no holds barred, take no prisoners” approach and realize any wavering is treason against the members who fought so hard to get out. Because they’re already doing it!

The Your Concordia people don’t need to have their dicks held while they pee. They actually understand things and are ready to begin leadership without having to have it drilled into their heads why things are the way they are and how to get to where they should be. There won’t be a learning curve here as they’re already on the ground running. They’ve got their eyes on the road and are heading forward.

Don’t make the mistake of not electing a team that is the most savvy, experienced, dedicated, competent and all around shit-together group of people the CSU has had the opportunity to elect in a decade!

—Wendy Kraus-Heitmann,
Independent Student

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.