Yann’s The Man

Stingers Men’s Rugby Team Picks Yannick Fortin as Captain

All-star fly-half Yannick Fortin will be the captain of the Concordia’s men’s rugby team this season. Photo Nico Krawcyk

Rugby, through its constant showing of camaraderie, brotherhood and team spirit, has made its case to be the epitome of team sports.

The Stingers men’s rugby team has made good on all of these things, but seems to be lacking in one area, its coach says.

“Within the veteran group that I have, there isn’t really a natural team leader,” Stingers rugby head coach Clive Gibson said. “What they have put in place is a leadership group.”

But one among the group has stood out as worthy of donning the captain’s armband this season: all-star fly-half Yannick Fortin.

“He’s tactically astute. He has a bright rugby mind,” said Gibson. “So, in terms of him being a leader on the field, I have no qualms about putting Yannick there.”

Fortin says he is thrilled at his new opportunity.

“I’m excited for the challenge coming up this year,” he said. “I bring a lot of, for one, leadership experience.

“[I’ve] played the game for a while. I’m a general out there,” he continued. “I try to stick to our game plan, help the boys out, make smart decisions. I’m especially an intense player.”

Caleb Jordan, a veteran player on the Stingers’ squad, says Fortin is a perfect fit for the role.

“He’s hands down the most skilled and well rounded player I’ve had the chance to play with in my college and university career,” said the winger.

“He knows what he needs to do and takes it upon himself to know what everyone else needs to be doing.”

Fortin will succeed fellow all-star fullback and 2013 season MVP Joey Fulginiti in the position.

“I wasn’t happy with [Fulginiti] as a captain, I’ll be quite frank,” the coach said. “He had his kick at the can.”

Gibson also explained that Fulginiti no longer being captain makes for a significant change between last year’s squad and this year’s team.

“I’m not saying Joey’s not a great rugby player, he set records,” he added.

Despite this, Fortin intends to work closely with Fulginiti, along with the rest of the veterans on the team.

“I’ll definitely speak with him,” said Fortin. “There’s always room to learn from other players.

“It’s definitely good to have the leadership group that we have, that will help me out. We all have the same goals and ambitions.”

Without a doubt, the biggest of those goals is winning a provincial championship, something the Stingers lost for the fourth straight time to the McGill Redmen last season.

Fortin and the rest of the team are dead set on redemption and ending their losing streak.

“We have to play with this chip on our shoulder,” Fortin said. “We’re out there to do something that we haven’t been able to do for a while and we got to get that respect back.”