Vote Schubert LaForest

Schubert LaForest is the man.

I’ve worked with Schubert throughout the year through his current position of VP Internal of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. If there’s one thing I can say about Schubert, it’s that THIS MAN HAS HEART!

He has a dedication and a passion for helping students that is firmly rooted in his open and caring personality. As VP Internal of ASFA, he has courageously navigated through so many internal and external complications, yet he always emerges with a plan, a solution, and a smile.

Schubert has leadership in his bones, intellect up the wazoo, and a heart big enough to love every single member of the CSU.

With the CSU in Schubert’s hands, I believe every student will be heard, every problem will be solved, and he will do everything he possibly can for A Better Concordia.

Alexandra Cote
AHSCSA co-president

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