Vote for Experience CSU

Dear fellow students,

Our university needs your vote. It needs your engagement to make a choice for a better CSU; your CSU.

Our CSU should gather individuals from diverse academic backgrounds in order to provide us with a colorful experience.

As the president of the John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JSG), I wish to personally support the team: Experience CSU.

This team holds an artistic palette, capable of painting a breathtaking picture. For instance, it is the most academic diverse team running with 4 business and 4 arts & science students, providing a propitious mosaic of talent.

Experience CSU shows professional capabilities to engage the student body around communal issues, and tackle them efficiently. Indeed, their sustainability mandate goes hand in hand with JSG’s and is aligned with Toshimi Muniz’ long-term vision (running VP Sustainability). Fun fact, the word sustainability has never been part of his dictionary since he naturally embraced the defined values via countless experiences in the wild, which made him realize that humans have to be incorporated within Nature’s agenda, and not vice versa. I’ve had the pleasure to discuss three key challenges, related to that vision:
1. How to incentivize students to adopt greener practices in their day to day routines?
2. What structure do we provide the student body with, in order to sustain the previous efforts? For example: How can the CSU further implement sustainable food policies in order to be nutritionally and financially healthy for the community?
3. How to measure the actual / metrical impact on the community to better understand what went well, and what can be improved?

I wish to assert with certainty, that no other team is better qualified than Experience CSU. The group garners experts in qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide the community with a better, balanced and sustainable understanding of how to attain tangible goals, for better tomorrows.

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