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My name is Alexandre Tomovic, and I am the current President of Colors of Concordia and Vice-President of Casa Cares, the charity wing of JMSB. Being a part of Colors of Concordia has taught me the value of cultural diversity within the Concordia community and the importance of having well-rounded associations. Team Experience CSU encompasses a variety of executives who deliver specific strengths from different areas; this would be the first major point where Experience CSU has irrevocably gained my trust and support.

Over two years with CASA Cares, I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa Payette, particularly under her presidency this year. I cannot stress enough the degree of fairness and professionalism that Melissa brings towards any matter. The amount that she has grown is beyond astonishing; Melissa has not only presided over many successful fundraising events, but has also gained trust and respect from her team and other students alike. Managing a team of 17 executives requires patience and the ability to keep tasks on track. In the fall semester alone, under Melissa’s guidance, CASA Cares raised over $14,000 for great causes including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Movember, and Concordia’s Volunteer Abroad Program. This semester, Melissa has helped coordinate our biggest event – the CASA Cares Fashion Show benefitting the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which in its 11th year, will bring the total proceeds raised to over $100,000. Suffice to say, there is no one better suited for the position of CSU President; the entire school will benefit from a fair leader who will strive to place the needs of students before her own.

Forming the 2013-2014 CASA Cares team was not an easy task, as we had over 50 applicants. One applicant that immediately stood out was Sabrina Jorrin; she has since fulfilled her mandate above all expectations as VP External. Always sporting a smile, Sabrina’s good mood is contagious and her motivation to exceed is second to none. She quickly gained our trust and is extremely devoted in accomplishing her tasks within any role she takes on. I truly believe that the entire student community of Concordia would be in the best possible hands with Sabrina.

I could elaborate furthermore on them, as well as Maylen, Scott, and Toshimi, however the fact is that the CSU will grow the most under Experience CSU, and they will all accomplish great things for Concordia University.

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