Vigil for Aleppo

McGill Syrian Student Association Shows Support for Victims in Syria

Graphic Morag Rahn-Campbell

A moment of silence was held for the people of Aleppo and Syria on May 4, 2016.

Due the recent attacks on the city by government and rebel forces, the McGill Syrian Student Association held a candlelight vigil, attended by nearly 60 people.

“We’re gathered here today to bring people together. Syrians in the community, people from Montreal to stand in solidarity and mourn the people, the innocent civilians who has passed away,” said Noor Mamlouk, a member of the McGill Syrian Student Association.

253 civilians have been killed since the rebel and government forces clashed on April 22. A major hospital was also recently hit by government airstrikes, where at least 27 people were reportedly killed.

“The innocent are the ones dying and that’s the problem,” said Kinan Swaid, President of the Concordia Syrian Student Association. “Whether you’re good, bad, on either side, [the city’s] getting destroyed.”

The SSA is currently in the process of planning and developing the Syrian Refugee Centre at Concordia. The will be meeting with refugees on Sat. May 7, to discuss future services.

The McGill Syrian Student Association then passed around a donation box. The funds will be going to the Karam Foundation and the Molham Team.

Some estimates that there have been 470,000 casulties—11.5 per cent of Syria’s population —since the onset of the five year old Syrian civil war.