Terry Wilkings for VP Academic and Advocacy

I am excited to endorse Terry Wilkings’ candidacy for the position of VP Academic and Advocacy for next year’s 2014-2015 Concordia Student Union. His passion and devotion towards the overall academic experience for students is shown through his constant involvement. Whenever he gets the chance to jump into something for the betterment of student’s academic experience, he goes in full heartedly!

Since the beginning of the fall 2014 semester, Terry has spoken to me about the importance of student unity and communication amongst faculties. Unsurprisingly, he worked with the CSU in the creation of the Concordia Student Congress, whose goal is to bring representatives from all undergraduate student associations on campus to vote on issues of common interest.

He took it upon himself to attend many student faculty councils to present this platform and to mobilize support from all four faculties. I was present at the Congress, which took place on March 6, 2014. I was heartened to see that all faculties had similar concrete concerns and wanted to work together towards future possibilities that will positively impact the university.

Thanks to his initiative to work with CSU and show interest in faculties working together, he helped make the Congress a success, and now there is a common ground for all faculties.

Not only is Terry able to voice important matters, he makes it a point to ask students what they want and need. As a student advocate at the CSU Advocacy Center, a voting member on Concordia Senate, and a student at large on the ASFA Departmental Relations Committee, Terry is devoted to taking a stand for all students at Concordia.

If Terry is voted in for VP Academic and Advocacy, he will overreach all obstacles using his experience to continue working towards the unity of our faculties, making services known and available to all students in the university and much more! Don’t forget to vote!