Team Connect: Committed and Experienced

After consulting the platforms and attending the public debate, I would like to encourage members of the community to support Team Connect for the 2017-2018 Concordia Student Union Executive.

This group is clearly committed to continuing the important community projects already underway, as well as creating new initiatives that can allow the CSU to further advocate for student rights.

Most particularly, I would like to support the candidacies of Leyla Sutherland for the position of Student Life Coordinator and Asma Mushtaq for Academic and Advocacy Coordinator. I have had the chance to interact with Leyla as a Fine Arts Student Alliance member during the two years she spent on the coordinating team of the FASA. There I was able to see her enthusiasm and serious work ethic to promote inclusive student life activities for Fine Arts students.

As for Asma, I can speak to her rigor and professionalism, important qualities for the difficult task of engaging with the complexities of the University’s highest academic bodies. Seeing the thought she has put into projects on the executive of the School of Community and Public Affairs, and her experience on several academic committees of the university including the Retroactive Withdrawal Committee, I do not doubt her capacity to handle the important dossier of academic governance at the CSU.

Without going into detail for the other candidates, it is clear to me that the vision of Team Connect corresponds with my hopes and priorities for the student union. Through their grassroots experience in a variety of community groups on campus, the candidates have shown their commitment to making more spaces for marginalized voices, advancing student rights at an institutional level and promoting inclusive events on campus. Clearly, this team has the experience and necessary understanding of the organization, and I encourage you to give them your vote in the CSU elections!

Marion Miller, Internal Coordinator, Fine Arts Student Alliance