Student Wants More Info

I am writing because I am against the fee increase for the student centre. There are several reasons why, but the main one is the secrecy that is surrounding the project.

Why won’t they tell us where it will be? If I were into conspiracy theories, I might speculate that it is the Faubourg they are proposing but are afraid it will be voted down again. There have been different amounts that have been put forward by different Concordia Student Union executives as well as different time frames for this project.

The CSU is asking us to vote “yes” for this increase based on sketchy details and nothing else but their word that it will be the best decision for the students. I am sorry CSU but this is unacceptable! At $13.50 per course you have got to give us more information.

Secondly I resent the fact that there should be space reserved for the administration and retail in a space that should be completely for students. What guarantees do we have that the proposed 62 per cent we have will not be encroached upon? I take issue with the fact that while there will be three students and two people from the administration making decisions regarding this centre, we would still need both the administration people to agree to anything for it to pass.

This does not scream “student centre” to me. It sounds more like we are being used to pay for a new money-making scheme for the administration. Why is the CSU trying to get us into a mortgage we will be tied to for over 25 years? There is nothing wrong with them letting the current fee accumulate till there is enough to buy a building outright. I think they’re trying to buy a legacy at our expense!

—Sibona Moyo, Political Science

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 15, published November 23, 2010.