Stingers 5, Ravens 1: Concordia men’s hockey team close in on top-two finish

Marcus Tesnik opens scoring, sets strong tone for the game

The Stingers men’s hockey team will be looking to secure a top-two finish in their final game of the regular season on Sunday. Photo Caroline Marsh
The Stingers men’s hockey team will be looking to secure a top-two finish in their final game of the regular season on Sunday. Photo Caroline Marsh

With two games left before the start of the playoffs, the Stinger’s men’s hockey team carried the weight of the season on their backs, picking up a crucial 5-1 win against the Carleton University Ravens on March 8 at the Ed Meagher Arena.

Once the game started, it was clear that the Stingers were controlling the tempo. While the Ravens were the first ones to gain control of the puck, the Stingers quickly recovered it, defining the rest of the night. “We kept pushing and I think we finished strongly,” said forward Maxim Trépanier, who scored the fourth goal.

Throughout the game, the Stingers kept their vision clear and worked efficiently as a team, securing passes without difficulty, and keeping their presence in the offensive zone.

Although neither team scored in the first period, both teams showed their stamina during the first 20 minutes of the game. The Stingers kept a concise play throughout the period. “I think the way we stuck to the game plan is what I liked most about the game,” said Trépanier. “We didn’t panic, even if it was 0-0 for a long time.” Trépanier distinguished himself during this first period, attempting multiple goals, maneuvering the puck, and recovering acrobatically from falls or trips. 

Head coach Marc-André Element expressed similar feelings after the first period. “It’s hockey, you never know,” Element said. “We didn't panic. We came back with a couple of adjustments and I think it worked well.”

The second period was a sign that the Stingers would have a good night. While the first half of the period was relatively uneventful, the second period was only a taste of what was to come in the third. At the 9-minute mark, defenceman Marcus Tesink finally opened the scoring for Concordia, with fellow defenceman Yan Aucoin doubling their lead with three minutes left. 

As the third period started, the Ravens were clearly putting in their best effort to turn their odds around. Their work did bear fruit, as they scored a goal at the 13-minute mark. However, their hopes would soon be subdued by another goal from the Stingers 30 seconds later with forward Tyler Hylland re-establishing Concordia’s two-goal lead, 

“They actually call that the worst lead in hockey,” said Hylland. “A lot of teams come back from that because the opponent sits back thinking they’re gonna win. We just want to keep going after them.”

Hylland’s mentality certainly reflected that as Trépanier added a fourth goal with five minutes left to the game, sealing the win for Concordia. Not three minutes later, the Stingers scored another goal, this time by defenceman Nathan Lavoie.

It was a good night for the Stingers team. “We played well as a unit and showed a lot of character,” said Element. 

Their next game, to be held on March 12 at the Ed Meagher Arena, will be the final game before playoffs, and the team will once again face off against the Ravens.