So Experience CSU has Business Students

To the readers of The Link,

I won’t go on with drivel about why any of the given teams is the best, nor will I explain why I’ve had “the pleasure” of working with someone. These are all formalities that will dismiss a message.

I will speak to what I believe it takes to have an excellent team, and that is a great balance of thinkers, doers, opinionated people and compromisers. Personally, I have worked to some measure with Scott, Maylen and Melissa – all of which are running for the Experience CSU team. Maylen is the person I worked with directly for the past year on the John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA). Maylen is meticulously detail oriented and very competent with dealing with stressful and uncomfortable conflict in a workplace. I say this because our goal with JMMA was to change everything the previous year and she was a perfect partner in dealing with all the tribulations that come with delivering real, meaningful change. I want you to think about how hard it is to deal with failures and how to convert them into successes, and how the ideal person would deal with it. Now I invite you to talk to Maylen about those things.

For the other 2, I have never worked directly with any of them but I’ve sat in boardrooms with them and been to many social gatherings where they were present. Melissa led CASA Cares this year, which is the charitable wing of the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASAJMSB). Again, I won’t pretend to know how it was to work with her, but I’ll just tell you that she convinced her team of 14 that meeting on Friday nights is a great idea. Combine this demonstration of charisma along with the fact that she donated her time to the only philanthropic branch of the John Molson Business School and I think you would reconsider whatever prejudice you may have about what business students in general stand for.

Scott was previously involved with Enactus Concordia, again a branch that deals with entrepreneurship and social change. He’s been a massive advocator of transparent workings in the CASAJMSB Board of Directors and has never missed a beat when it comes to proper conduct.

I want you to consider what it means to allow proper business representation on the CSU and that it’s not some fantasy about suits and ties that want to grab your money. Yes, there are student who think this way, but these 3 individuals are not conventional business students, because conventional business students would not have the chops to run for the CSU to begin with.

Just think about,
Charles Gedeon
Outgoing President of JMMA and ex-sociology student.

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