Say Yes to the CGA Fee-Levy Increase

Queer friendly, sex and body positive and approachable, the Centre for Gender Advocacy is an open, educational space where I feel welcome.

I had wanted to get into social justice work and was looking for a group or centre that was very proactive, and whose politics sat well with me.

My first experience with the Centre was joining them on their Take Back the Night march this past fall, after they had successfully campaigned to have a sexual assault clinic opened up on campus. I had considered volunteering at a few places, but I had such a positive initial experience at the Centre and got to see how effective they are that I decided to put my time there and I am very happy I have!

The Centre has taken a sustainable approach by creating accessible, ongoing programs and resources such as free educational workshops, a sexual assault clinic, speaking events and film screenings, as well as free and confidential peer support. Concordia is known as being a more progressive and inclusive university, and the Centre provides fundamental services towards creating that environment. We are able to provide so many services to the community largely due to having a fee levy.

In 2006, we increased our fee levy to $0.29, allowing us to expand our projects. Now we have reached a point where we need to increase our fee levy in order to continue running these services. During the CSU election I urge undergraduate students to support the increase of $0.08, raising our fee levy to $0.37 and allowing the Centre to continue to sustain its initiatives and combat gendered violence on campus!

—Mandy Martel-Perry