Rudy Grow Elected President of CASA

Two Executive Positions Still Remain Empty

Voting has ended, and the results are in for the Commerce and Administration Student Association elections. Archives: Shaun Michaud.

Voting has ended, and the results are in for the Commerce and Administration Student Association elections. Rudy Grow will be taking on a new role, as President of CASA.

Grow served as the Vice-President of External Affairs of CASA this past year. He said that if elected, he’d like to conduct a survey for John Molson School of Business students, in order to better understand their needs.

“If we got at least 50 per cent of the students at JMSB to fill out the survey, we’d have a great base for decision making going forward,” Grow said in a previous interview.

After the elections, two executive positions, VP Finance, and VP External Affairs, and two spots for independent directors still remain available. Details are yet to be released on how these positions will be filled.

Last year, two positions remained empty after the general elections, but members were later elected at a CASA Board of Director meeting.

CASA represents more than 7,000 students.The quorum for elections is 2.5 per cent, so about 175 students. In total, 726 students voted in this election, including 14 students who chose to vote online, while the rest voted in person.

The full results are below:

The Executive


Rudy Grow: 489 (Elected)
Elizaveta Bykova: 139
Abstentions: 97

VP Internal Affairs

Mackenzie Murray
Yes: 499
No: 31
Abstentions: 196

VP Academic and Student Affairs

Zoe Pritchard
Yes: 544
No: 19
Abstentions: 163

VP Events

Kevin-Edward Nguyen: 395 (Elected)
Anojan Kanagalingam: 206
Abstentions: 123

VP Marketing

Mikki Lara Shade
Yes: 520
No: 27
Abstentions: 179

Independent Director

Soulaymane El Alaoui
Yes: 425
No: 41
Abstentions: 225

Jesse Kirman
Yes: 381
No: 52
Abstentions: 258

Dylan Applebaum
Yes: 440
No: 57
Abstentions: 193

Association Presidents

John Molson Accounting Society (JMAS)

Mohammad Mazri Hafiz: 149 (Elected)
Pierre Claude Junior Gacette Sanon: 47
Abstentions: 18

John Molson International Business Association (JMIBA)

Christopher Fabian
Yes: 77
No: 2
Abstentions: 22

John Molson Human Resources and Management Association (JHMA)

Kyle Davis
Yes: 72
No: 4
Abstentions: 16

John Molson Supply Chain and Business Technology Association (JSBA)

Olivia Urban
Yes: 93
No: 3
Abstentions: 11

Finance and Investment Students’ Association (FISA)

Emily Cole
Yes: 176
No: 5
Abstentions: 33

John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA)

Leah Eleftheria Lioumbas
Yes: 112
No: 6
Abstentions: 9