Prominent Profiles: Taking Attendance

How experiences, stories influence outfits

From thrifts to frights: first week fits to start the year right! Photo Cèdre Obeid

They say the first 15 minutes of meeting someone defines what type of person you’ll classify them as in your mind. But do you ever stop and think about their life experience, background and what kind of choices (and outfits) they had to pick to lead them up to that moment in time? 

You might be surprised by what they have to say. 

Alexi is 21 and originally from New Jersey. She’s studying artistry and is planning to pursue graduate studies. Alexi is saving up to move to Korea and learn everything there is to know about art, so she works part-time at the local Starbucks. 

Under the apron, her outfit consists of fully thrifted, personally sewn material. She also likes to make her own clothes as a hobby.

We asked Katarina to summarise her style in a couple of words. She said: “Classic and comfortable. Working previously as a bank employee, and currently in [the real estate industry], I have to maintain my best image during long hours of work.” 

Born in Russia, Katarina moved to Montreal to pursue a major in economics. She then married her now-husband, a businessman, who inspired her to take on banking as an initial career.

Lia’s outfit of choice consists of dark academia/artsy aesthetics. She is particularly influenced by classic art, and has a fascination with vintage items. She also likes dolls, painting, and vintage films. Fittingly, she picked studio arts as her major. 

“I lived in a haunted house growing up,” Lia said, “so my outfit also reflects my childhood nostalgia and longing for that period in my life.”

Cass and Brian can be described in two words: couple goals. 

We asked them if they wear matching outfits every day, and they said, “Sometimes we match by coincidence, but today we deliberately did.” Brian added,“It’s more like a negotiation in creativity where we want to share our moments together through our attire.”

Cass is majoring in sociology, and Brian graduated from graphic design.

Eric (Instagram: zuuzhu) is an aspiring social media influencer and Concordia student, majoring in marketing. 

His aesthetic is all about being clean and casual yet nonconforming. He is heavily inspired by Asian streetwear – particularly Korean and Chinese fashion, which he tries to blend together to create his own unique spin on both scenes. 

Eric advertises clothes and accessories as a side hustle on his platform.