Poems of the Week

Thoughts into Stanza

Graphics Zoe Gelfant


By Jazmin Mehrmann

I sit to write
By your advice
To confess and drift
Above your sway
Authors of sound play
And with each note
My head lulls
To the hum of what I understand
The distance which comprehends
And it helps me to forget
What I’ve forgotten
For your sake


Nick Lanyon

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The Blue Bird

By Michael Dutton

Seeing a bird climbing a tree
Instead of
flying on to it
Can be
One of
the most upsetting
Moments in my day

Hitchhiked to Huronia St.

By Michael Dutton

There’s a moon
That goes down
Today I meet John and Lisa
It’s an Omen
Occulant moon
Hunched over my feet
Subside dream it’s here

Hiccup ~ Hiccough

By Vernon Le Craw



Well, I enjoy repetition as much as the next, next.
However, some people are far, far too stimulated
By circulation. The cloud imagination
We share with the money manufacturers
Has made it all too easy for anything to look brand-new.
Yellow hue number 52…
I’m still waiting on the old blue…

Freedom is pending while free and dumb is trending.
Time is on the market and the stocks are in a constant state of flux
Sell time, to spend time
Make time, to waste time
Emotional detriment is something we all subsidize
And caring enough to voice an opinion about yourself and your surroundings has become such the domineering act of endearment.
So you better not
The flower children and their disembodied bulbs will float away…
With their pedals that managed to escape our desires on the days we gave away for more of the same.

To love, or not?
That’s all behind the point.
Just don’t get too attached,
So we can pretend to be poetic when we assume.
The unknown is worthy to be placed upon a pedestal.

Belittle each other,
Ignore the something to prevent ourselves from these recursive gestures.

Just be, and do
Nothing but cog-work in the mechanical zoo.