Philadelphia Eagles promote Montrealer Catherine Raîche to vice-president of football operations

Raîche becomes the highest-ranking female in NFL personnel history

Football is a male-dominated sport and Raîche became a trail blazer for young women everywhere with her promotion to Vice-President of football operations. Caroline Marsh

The National Football League's Philidelphia Eagles announced on May 27 that Catherine Raîche will become the team's vice-president of football opreations. She will be fully involved in all team decisions in this new position.

Raîche previously held the assistant general manager position with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League from 2015 to 2017. At 32 years of age, this is surely just the start of her ascension in a position of high leverage in what is a male-dominated field. 

This is significant in the sense that it provides young women with an additional avenue they may not have felt was available just days ago. More women are getting recognition in pro sports embracing their positions of leadership. 

This is a franchise that is just three years removed from a Super Bowl title against the New England Patriots who were led by arguably the greatest football player ever, Tom Brady. Raîche hopes to get them back soon.